My Home


Everyone has a different definition of what they understand home to be. A place surrounded by loved ones, a place where one is accepted, a place where you’re interesting. It was during the summer going into high school when I found my home. The trees were a vibrant green and the architecture was old and beautiful and the people were smart and artistic and full of pride. Never before had I wanted something as badly as I wanted to stay in this city forever. I didn’t care if it was three thousand miles away from where I currently live. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to live in Boston.


I made it well known that I was determined to live there. Teacher, parents, friends, family, and even my mom’s students knew I was eager to make Boston my home. One of the students even made a picture for my love of Boston.RackMultipart20140619-7820-ee4dal

It was seemed like a dream until the reality of it hit and I came to the harsh realization that there was one quick ticket to my life in Boston, and that was college. Boston is known for its spectacular education system and some of the most prestige colleges in America.To get back home, I was going to have to work hard.

The work load was more tolling than I first realized and came to the understanding that I wasn’t going to win colleges over with my grades. I am a good student, but not the best, especially in math. I hit a wall and felt as though this dream I created was fading. I began looking at Massachusetts colleges and investigating the programs I would enjoy. I was beyond happy when I came to the conclusion of which college was my number one, until I realized it was the seventh best college in America.


I looked up articles on colleges and how I could appeal to them in ways different from grades and test scores. I came across an article that explained the story of a girl who was accepted into a high end college but wasn’t the top of her class or involved in a myriad of clubs. She was accepted for her research and studies on marine biology. She was passionate about her studies ad invested herself in them, and that’s how she was appealing. Her interest made her stand out.

My love psychology played into this aspect very well. Boston wasn’t the only thing I was passionate about. I knew I wanted to be a psychologist. I began planning. I would take AP Psychology and talk with a professional psychologist and do everything I could to be interesting.


I have a plan and I intend on following through with it. Every class I take, every test I study for, every grade I get, is for one place. Boston. I know with hard work and dedication to what I love will get me home.


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