The Ones Who Were Different

Growing up, I was always told I could achieve anything I wanted if I put the time and effort into it. That in terms of goals and resolutions it was all about the hard work. I believed this to be true and still do to an extent, but for me I needed something else. I was stuck in this place where I was ready to take the leap, but didn’t know how to. It wasn’t until I began discovering different types of music, movies and art that I began to see my own future. All these inspiring figures brought an alternative way of seeing things that were comforting, yet scary. These idols I looked up to were all the outsiders. The wallflowers, the underdogs, the weird ones. Each had very different characteristics but all one thing in common, they had a voice. They were the type of people you talk to once and never forget about it. This is what I wanted to become. I wanted to be known for being me and being successful for being me.

I didn’t watch a lot of TV shows growing up. Movies were always my go to if I wanted to watch anything. My favorite movies were by this Japanese director/artist called Hayao Miyazaki. Not only were all these movies visually beautiful but the characters were all so vivid. It helped that all his main characters were female which helped me relate to them, but in the end, they would all fix their problems by being themselves.

The character above, Kiki, is alone in a foreign city and has to form connections with people and learn how to live on her own. At first its hard and it wasn’t until the very end where she could accept who she was. She had become successful doing her job and no longer cared what others thought. She was different and that’s what made her incredible.

Kiki is just one of the many characters Hayao Miyazaki created. Another amazing character was a girl named Chihiro. In the beginning she was just a scared little girl and towards the end of the movie she develops to be so strong and brave. She finds that being herself is better than being anyone else.

During middle school I grew fond of comic books. I would read all the Batman,Teen Titans, Nightwing, and Batgirl comics I could find. The beginning of this year the artist for the Batgirl comic changed. It was girly-er, brighter, and less realistic than the normal comic book art that I was used to. I instantly fell in love with the art work and found out who this artist is, Babs Tarr. I listened to her interviews and looked up her past work and while listening to one interview I realized that she didn’t expect to get the job of illustrating Batgirl. She was hired because her style was unique. The company wanted something new, and the chose Babs work because it stood out. In the comic book world, she is a legend.

If there is anything you need to know about me its that I ADORE Jenny Lewis. She is and always will be my favorite musician. Her songs are emotional and sad and funny and sexy and happy and she is such a fantastic writer. When she was younger she used to be a child actress. She was in a few movies such as Troop Beverly Hills and Wizard but not enough to make her super well known. In one of her interviews she said that though acting was getting her money, she didn’t have any creative outlet through acting and insisted on creating something on her own. There was a line in one of her songs that explains how she got into acting

A lady says to my ma,” You treat your girl as your spouse, you can live in a mansion house.”

And so she did, and I became 100,000 dollar kid

When I was old enough to realize wiped the dust from my mothers eyes

Is all this for that rabbit fur coat?

    Although becoming an actress was wanted by many people, including her mother, she went with music because it was her way of expressing herself.

My last idol is another character. The character is from a movie by Noah Baumbach called Frances Ha. Frances is one of the best movie characters I have come across because of one simple reason, she is completely and utterly herself. She never fails to stay herself although in difficult situations. Throughout the movie you see her develop into a more mature and thoughtful adult, which was exactly what she was afraid of. She thought working a desk job and living alone would make her lose part of who she was. At the very end of the movie she lives alone and works a desk job, but she is still the spontaneous loving character we grew to love. She found a way to be herself and successful.

“I like things that look like mistakes.” -Frances Ha

I want to become like these girls. Different, spontaneous, unique, unforgettable. I wanted to be remembered for the things I say and do. I have dream and a goal and I want these people to be my guides. Normal is boring., its time to be different.



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